Ford 360 UI

While working at Blue Hive one of my early tasks was to design and art direct the UI and transistions for forthcoming 360s.

Here you can see it in action on the Focus.

Creative, art direction

Creature Greeter - The beast has arrived

Creature of London had an idea for an avatar-based check-in app that would keep visiting clients occupied for 2-3 minutes each time they arrived the office. We were asked to bring the initial concept to life as an interactive experience that remained true to the heart of their brand, and given no constraints in doing so.

Creature Greeter starts with a simple shake. Facial recognition pairs a creature to the clients face. Playful reasons for visiting the office (in line with Creature’s tone of voice) are selected each time, and the creature is checked into the building and released around the office.

Digital screens throughout the building allow released creatures to roam free and interact with each other in an environment that matches the local weather and time of day.

To complete the experience, clients receive a tactile takeaway; a ticket receipt representing their check-in. Collect 5 and they can exchange their tickets for a jar of Creature’s home made honey (another symbol of their brand).

The app is created to appear inherently natural, despite the technology involved.

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Concept, creative, art direction

For Clubhouse Studios

VW up! iOS game

Take control of the new Volkswagen up! and race your way through three demanding urban environments. Take advantage of speed boosts and unlockable shortcuts to get the upper hand on your opponents - until they’re nothing but specks in your rear view mirror. Multiplayer, Singleplayer or Time Trial, on the 6 different tracks everybody will find their personal challenge.

For the launch of the new Volkswagen up! release AKQA built an iPhone and iPad game to show the fun side of owning the small and friendly car. You can download the App for free for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch now!